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How It Works

After you place your order via my  order form, I send a paypal invoice to your provided email. once that is paid in full the magic begins!

Using the photo you attached to your order form i sketch a pencil ​outline scaled up to the size of your portrait.

once my pencil sketch is ready I then start to fill in your portraits colors

with acrylic paint. You can follow my Instagram account @pawtraitz to see my live ig story updates. you might just catch your very own portrait in the making!

Lastly, I paint in your portraits' custom background with the color/pattern you've chosen and lay down the finishing bold outlines.

when your pawtrait is finished I will send you a photo to your email to approve. all adjustments before shipment are free of charge. I want to make sure it is perfect!

once approved, I will ship off your pawtrait on shipping day (Saturday) with 2-3 day priority usps shipping.